day 161: why is it so much easier being a child, than an adult

july 15

Children have no responsibility, they’re so careless and free to be whatever they want. Adults have responsibilities, we care more about what others think, we have jobs, collage, some have children of their own. It’s always being a child thats why Go says worship like a child, careless and free.

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day 160: do you go by live, laugh, love

july 14 2012

I go by “God is love and love is real” . The ten commandments. The bible. 

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day 159: what is one thing you love about photography

july 13 2012

I love how the pictures can say so much in just one shot. Or how one person can take it as one thing and another person can make it their own personal point of view. 

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day 158: would you give up all of your presents one christmas time to help others from other countries

July 12 2012

This is a hard question for anybody.. I’m hoping if i ever do have to do this or choose to, i will say yes, but right now i don’t know

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day 157: do you like to give or receive

July 11 2012

I love to give.  I love the reactions people get with the gifts that they recieve, i love seeing peole use the stuff i buy for them, if feels good <3

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day 156: what is a tv show you enjoy the most

July 10 2012

I like a couple shows. Awkward, teen wolf, thats pretty much it though… oh wait ADVENTURE TIME <333 i don’t even care if thats a kid show lol

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day 155: what is one achievement you are proud of

july 9th 2012

Graduating <3

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day 154: a moment you felt most satisfied in your life

July 8 2012

I have never been more satisfied with my life since now. 

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day 153: do you think the hardest thing is sometimes the easiest thing

July 7th 2012

sometimes difficult situations come with easy solutions, so i guess, yes in a way the hardiest things do come easiest in that sense, but other than that, when I find something difficult, though it might not be difficult for anyone else, its difficult, theres nothing easy to it.. for me of coure

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day 152: what is one step of action you would take to change the world

July 6th 2012

I would go on a missions trip and preach the Gospel of Christ to those who didn’t know of him. Though some may not be changed from it, they know if it and Itll bring us closer to Meeting with God.

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day 151: would you move to a different country to be with the one you love

July 5th 2012

Of course if i was married to them :) I’ve never been put into this situation when dealing with a relationship, so I honestly don’t know what I would do :/

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day 150: how is your heart lately

July 4th 2012

My hearts in pretty good condition. Its beating, so that good, I’m not dead. I’m happy <3

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day 149: would you rather love one person or have many short relationships

July 3rd 2012

I would rather love one person for the rest of my life and spend my whole life with them. Having many short relationships will do nothing but corrupt me whenever in a new relationship. 

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day 148: do you think more about the past, present, or future

July 2 2012

I definitely think more about the future and past then i ever do about the present. Mostly the past though, and i know you think to much about your past, but I”m sure I’m not the only one. 

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day 147: what do you think about ignorant people

July 1st 2012

I think ignorant people have too much pride to admit their wrong, and re too lazy to learn new things.

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